Thursday, February 16, 2012


1 Samuel 25:13 And David said unto his men, Gird ye on every man his sword. And they girded on every man his sword; and David also girded on his sword: and there went up after David about four hundred men; and two hundred abode by the stuff.
1 Samuel 30:24 For who will hearken unto you in this matter? but as his part is that goeth down to the battle, so shall his part be that tarrieth by the stuff: they shall part alike.

In closing this series just remember.  It is important for you to be where God has placed you. Don't look at someone elses ministry and think it is more important than yours because they attract more attention and it seems more glamorous.

God's work is in need of faithful prayer warriors, encouragers, financial supporters, and good listeners.  If everyone was a leader, who would follow them.

Be faithful as you sit by the stuff and support all phases of the Lord's work.  You will receive equal blessings with those on the front lines.

Please feel free to contact me by email at with questions, comments or even suggestions for further devotional studies.

If you know of someone new to the Kosciusko area and would like for our church to visit them please let us know.  Our prayers are that this devotional ministry will be an outreach to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus.  I do appreciate you taking the time to read these devotionals and please keep us in your prayers.

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