Sunday, August 22, 2010


The businesses of the world many times offer free samples to the consumer to get them to try a product they haven't tried before.
Their strategy is smart. They believe that if more people try their
product they will like it and will become regular customers. This
is even true of many things that are harmful, alcohol, tobacco,
drugs and pornography are just a few things that people try and then
go back time and time again for more.
This same principle is true for products that are not addictive
but are enjoyed by the consumer. It is hard to taste a delicious
brand of ice cream and never buy it again. Pizza is the kind of
food that you probably wouldn't miss if you never tried one, but
once you have if you like it you will surely go back for more. There
are times when I get hungry and only certain things will satisfy
that hunger. The purpose of free samples is to give you an appetite
for a product.
We as Christians should pass out samples in abundance. We have
so much to offer the world to build up their appetites for Christ.
Let us offer love, kindness, mercy, patience, concern and caring.
Let us offer them a smile and friendship and compassion. All these
things will surely give them an appetite. We can then tell them
that this appetite can only be satisfied by Jesus Christ.

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