Thursday, October 9, 2008


T. Joiner
I sit alone on a clear afternoon, in a deer stand up in a tree,
And as I gaze at God's creation, I know He's watching me.

There's not much to do in a deer stand except to sit and wait,
But I can make good use of the time, when I pray and meditate.

While I sit and wait for a trophy, and hope I have some luck,
I have come to realize It's not just about me bagging a buck.

I notice the turning of the leaves and the beautiful colors of fall,
And I sit in awesome silence, knowing God created it all.

As a breeze blows in my face, and I sit up in that tree,
It is a special day, and God is watching me.


  1. The great beauty of the small things that God have blessed us with, this is what its all about!


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