Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tommie L. Joiner
While I was pastor of First Baptist Church of Newark, Arkansas there were many who were faithful in attendance but none more faithful than Buckwheat. He attended every service regardless of the weather or the seasons, and he wasn't even allowed inside. During Sunday School he would sit under the awning by the Educational Building and wait for classes to dismiss. He would then proceed to the front door and greet members and visitors alike. During the preaching he would leave the front door and move to the side entrance where he could hear better and then return to the front door to see everyone off.
Buckwheat wasn't even a member of the church. Buckwheat was a German Shepherd.
His faithfulness was not just on Sundays and Wednesdays either. Every day as I would walk from the house to the church to study he would walk beside me with his head nuzzled in my hand and would wait by the door until I came out and returned home.
I made the comment many times that I wished the rest of the members were as faithful as Buckwheat. Some commented, "Yes, he is faithful but it is for a different reason."
After hearing this comment several times I realized that they were wrong. His reason for being there was the same reason we should be there. Buckwheat was faithful because he loved his master.
If we love our Master as he did we too will want to walk close to Him. We will be faithful to Him and wait patiently for Him knowing that he is coming back.
Buckwheat, like us sometimes went astray and then he would return. I was always glad to see him come home where he belonged.
The last time he went away he came back wounded. He had been shot by a small caliber bullet and I did not know what the problem was until it was too late.
He came home, laid his head in my lap and died with my arms around him.
I hope I never stray from my master and get destroyed by the world, but this much I know, dogs or people do not live forever.
Like Buckwheat, I hope to be faithful to my Master in this life and when it comes time for the end, I will take my last breath in the loving arms of my Master.

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