Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Psalms 33:12 BLESSED IS THE NATION whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years, we read, and those nations progressed through this sequence:
From Bondage to Spiritual Faith - From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage
From Courage to Liberty - From Liberty to Abundance
From Abundance to Selfishness - From Selfishness to Complacency
From Complacency to Apathy - From Apathy to Dependency
From Dependency back again into bondage.
A few years ago, this wonderful United States of ours was 200 years old. The above cycle is not inevitable - it depends on every one of us and on our children and their children, to see that we do not follow that cycle. If the above cycle is applied to a business it just might explain why so many work hard and get about halfway through the cycle and then there sets in the lower half leading to failure. It would appear that people, businesses and nations cannot stand prosperity. (copied)
For weeks we have been hearing about the great economic crises our Nation is facing. Financial experts were predicting that Christmas shopping would be slim and the day after Thanksgiving which is usually the biggest shopping day of the year would probably turn out to be a big disappointment for retailers.
If you have been to a place of business since Thanksgiving day you have probably noticed that people have not seemed to slack up a bit. Were the economic forecasters wrong about the dismal state of our economy? Were they wrong to think that people have reached their spending and credit limits, at least the ones that they can reasonably expect to pay? I don't think so.
I personally think, and this is just my own personal opinion, that we have passed from selfishness into complacency. I believe that we are only a couple of quick steps from dependency and then to bondage. I believe we are there because people have become addicted to things. We have become consumers instead of producers.We don't want to accomplish things, we want to have things and we want to have them whether they are practical or affordable of not. We are not ready to face the facts that we can't spend what we don't have especially to purchase what we don't need. I am certainly not pointing my finger at anyone because I am as guilty as everyone else.
The greatest danger does not lie in our being a generation of consumers. The greatest danger lies in not giving God the place he deserves in our lives. Great nations have failed when their faith was placed in riches, in government, in pleasure or other things instead of having faith in God and honoring Him with what we have.
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  1. from the bible times to the mayans and aztecs and ming, ping and huang. From Hitler to Hussein. Please God don't let us be next. Let us watch and be carefuland Pray


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