Friday, March 2, 2012


 A Christian man was seriously ill.  He became bothered because he did not feel the love in his heart for God that he should have and he spoke of this feeling to a Christian friend.

    The friend gave him great comfort when he explained," When I go home from here, I expect to take my little baby in my arms, look into her eyes and play with her.  As tired as I am, her presence will rest me, because I love her more than anything.  She is just a baby and she really loves me little.  If my heart were breaking  it would not disturb her.  If I was in terrible pain she would think nothing of it and would not even stop playing.  If I were dead she would soon forget me.

    Besides this, she has never contributed one cent to our household and is in fact herself a great expense.  I am not rich but there is not enough money in the world to buy her.  Is it because she loves me, or because I love her?  Do I withhold my love from her until she feels this same great love for me?  Do I wait for her to do something worthy of my love before I extend it?"

    This illustration of the Love of God for his children caused the tears to roll down the sick man's cheeks as he exclaimed,"Oh I see, it is not my love for God but his love for me that I should think of.  And I do love him now more than I have ever loved him before."

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