Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Genesis 8:6 And IT CAME TO PASS at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made:
Have you ever been through a situation that you thought would never end?  I'm sure that Noah and his family listened to the downpour of the rain that fell on the roof of the Ark and wondered if it would ever stop.  Forty days and Forty nights of rain.  I am sure they felt like they were beginning to mildew.
It did stop as we all know.  Noah opened the window and sent forth a raven who and then a dove who brought nothing back.  He then sent fort a dove who brought back an olive branch.  The water was receding.  The flood had come to pass it had not come to stay.
That is the same with the things in our life.  Good or bad they come to pass and not to stay. It is all temporary so don't despair, bad times won't last forever, they come to pass.  Don't get too satisfied or become too at ease in the good times either, they too come to pass.
The only thing eternal is our relationship with Jesus Christ.
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If you know of someone new to the Kosciusko area and would like for our church to visit them please let us know.  Our prayers are that this devotional ministry will be an outreach to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus.  I do appreciate you taking the time to read these devotionals and please keep us in your prayers.

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