Friday, February 25, 2011


Psalms 90:9 For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: we spend our years as a tale that is told.


The greatest that God give us is life. He first gives us this physical life and then He gives us eternal life through His Son Jesus.

There are many gifts that God gives man but to all of us he gives us the three greatest.

He gives us hope. I am an incurable optimist. I look forward to each day with great excitement. A few time in my life my heart condition has been such that doctors have thought that I would not pull through and if I did I wouldn't last long. When you are faced with that kind of diagnosis it kind of makes you realize that every day is special and every day is a gift. I wish I had known that even as a child growing up. I have no idea when the Lord will come back or when I will die but I intend to get every bit of good I can out of every day He gives me. I do appreciate each day as a gift.

He give us faith. He has given me a small measure of faith and by exercising it I have found it to be enough. I only have a little faith, but it is in a Great God and I have found Him to be sufficient for my every need.

He gives us charity (Love). We must first love Him. Then I think it is important to love ourselves because He is in us and is our creator. We are then to love our family and our friends. The hardest part is to love our enemies and strangers but why should it be so hard to share it. It is a gift and it didn't cost us anything.

What kind of life story are you writing? It is my prayer that these past few devotionals have caused you to think about the obituary that you are writing for yourself. What you do now is what people remember.

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If you know of someone new to the Kosciusko area and would like for our church to visit them please let us know. Our prayers are that this devotional ministry will be an outreach to bring people into a closer relationship with Jesus. I do appreciate you taking the time to read these devotionals and please keep us in your prayers.

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